Enrolment and Fees

When signing up for lessons at Charlie Ingles Music Tuition you are agreeing to book a weekly lesson slot for which lessons must be paid on a monthly basis. Charlie Ingles Music will issue all students/parents with starter form, which must be completed and set up before the first lesson takes place, and payments can be sent by bank transfer or paid by card on premises. We are a cashless business.


Due to the costs of tutors and business space. We are unable to offer a refund or credit note on missed lessons. However, if at least 1 week’s notice is given, we may arrange a ‘catch-up’ lesson for students who are going to miss a lesson, although this is not guaranteed (if due to tutor availability). ‘Catch-up’ lessons must take place within the same week as the missed lesson and cannot be ‘banked’ for further dates or deducted from future invoices.


Due to the current climate of Covid-19. We require all students entering to be temperature checked with our infrared thermometer, and sanitise your hands upon entry. Our hygiene and cleanliness will always be of our utmost priority, with the furniture, instruments and teaching area cleaned between each student. We ask you to help us throughout this period by following our few rules too.

For students who have a temperature that day, we sadly will not be able to offer you lessons for one after that point, and will not charge for these, and simply move them to an appropriate time to restart.

Teachers will wear gloves and a mask during lessons, and students are encouraged to wear a mask, but piano students are exempt from the gloves.

Child Protection (Applies to all students under 16)

At Charlie Ingles Music, your child’s safety is our upmost interest. All staff are fully DBS checked. However, our tutors cannot take responsibility for children once the lesson is finished. Please make sure you arrive promptly to collect your child/children once the lesson has ended. You are welcome to wait in our waiting area within the studio, however you must not distract your child within the lesson time, and if we feel your presence is affecting your Childs progress we will discuss other options for you to leave and come back at the end of the lesson.

Leaving Notice Period

We please ask that if you are stopping lessons, 2 weeks notice are given This is to minimise wasted lesson slots due to students not informing the school of their leaving. Please note that there will be no refunds from from any prepaid lessons, so you need to give us notice half way through the month if you are going to leave by the end of that month to ensure your money is not wasted.


We ask students/parents to fill in a feedback form once a month to let us know what they are satisfied/dissatisfied with to ensure the highest quality of teaching service.

We will also have 3-monthly parents evenings to discuss how their child is progressing and what is advised moving forward to ensure the highest success.