Musical Direction

Experienced conductor of musical theatre, and confident from the piano or stick. Specialising in working in new musical theatre, and developing shows in innovative and creative ways.

Musical Supervision

Experience in developing shows and supervising as a whole. Good knowledge of click track creation, studio workshopping, and leasing with sound departments and producers to create the best possible sound.


Either for new musicals, or new versions of old musicals. I am an experienced arranger and orchestrator. Experience with using technology to enhance or create a specific sound.

Studio Recording/Supervision

Experience in recording studios, or home studios. I am able to set up temporary studios with my own equipment in whatever format the production supervisor or composer may want.

Wedding Pianist/Composer

Experience in piano for weddings, or creating appropriate music for weddings, whether it be specific arrangement or composition with the couple, or simply creating tracks for a slightly cheaper option than a live musician at a wedding, but with more personal effect.

Audition Prep

Experience with being on the audition panel for many productions of all scales within theatre. Very experienced to prepare people for auditions, and provide them with the right material, and preparation.


Charlie Ingles’ inventive orchestrations adapt the rich score to suit a five-piece band and the cast of only 12 double – and occasionally treble – seamlessly.

The Stage (My Fair Lady: Mill At Sonning)

Dripping in glamour and with a sensational score performed as if it were in the West End, The Mill’s revival of High Society is an all-out musical spectacular. (High Society)

'Joseph Pitcher’s production lacks none of the show’s usual swagger. Charlie Ingles’s arrangements for a five-piece band miraculously retain the scale and joie de vivre of an orchestra.’

The Stage (Guys & Dolls: Mill At Sonning)